Me and AI – Part 1


What do you think AI stands for? Take 30 seconds and note down what comes to your mind. Now let’s see if your guess was right.

AI is the acronym for Appreciate Inquiry and it designates a methodology to drive positive change in any living system such as organizations.

My first contact with Appreciative Inquiry happened during a Culture Transformation summit organized in Barcelona, early February 2006 by the Global Business Unit I was part of in the company I worked for at the time. Until then I had never heard of AI. I was impressed by the positive energy in the room that increased during the day and as we were moving along a 4-D cycle – Discovery, Dream, Design, Destiny. What really had a WOW effect in me was the fact that my colleagues and I were having loads of fun! I had never thought I would be drawing, doing collages, singing and role playing for work…

I was fortunate to continue that transformation journey towards a High Performance Culture and fly to my company’s site in San Diego, United States for an integration summit with participants coming from all over the world and including the Business Unit Executive VP and his staff. Once more we had much fun while keeping the focus on the purpose of the event, and we were constantly reminded of the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi “be the change you want to be”.

The summits were facilitated by employees, mostly HR professionals that had been trained by Sanchez & Tennis Associates, the consulting firm who worked with our business unit senior management in understanding the need for change to drive higher performance, innovation and business growth, and in designing the transformation summits. Anita Sanchez and Kit Tennis and the business unit’s top management team went through the discovery of the Positive Core – the key qualities and strengths of our organization – prior to the series of summits.

The experience and outcome of the summits was so good, that our leaders decided to train 100 AI Facilitators in all geographies and called in Anita and Kit to train the group. It was only when I on boarded this other great journey of that Culture Transformation that I met Anita and Kit.

I am curious to learn if you already knew or used Appreciate Inquiry? In my next post I will share more about how AI evolved in my professional and personal life.