CLAUDIA LEITEClaudia 05.2012

Claudia is a Certified Appreciative Inquiry Workshop Facilitator with over 10 years of experience applying AI methodology to drive change and support change in organizations, families and individuals.

Working for Hewlett-Packard from 1999 until 2014, it was through her participation in the 2006 Culture Transformation summits to enhance business performance that she first experienced the AI methodology. The Fundamentals and Advanced training in Appreciative Inquiry soon followed and Claudia started her journey of facilitating business workshops on top of her primary job in HP. Business growth, team building, working in a virtual environment, diversity and inclusion are themes of workshops led by Claudia, just to name a few. These AI workshops were facilitated with groups of different sizes, from small to large teams, and hierarchical levels, from individual contributors to senior managers and executives. At Oracle, Claudia has applied Appreciative Inquiry  methodology in a Sales Kick-off event which resulted in stronger team spirit and several action teams committed to bringing innovation to the business.

Beyond the corporate world, Claudia extended her work with AI to the personal sphere and facilitated transformational workshops with friends focusing on self-discovery, career change and entrepreneurship, and with her family on special occasions such as Christmas. Although more informally, Claudia and her husband continually use AI to remember the high points of their relationship and the strength of the love that unites them. Becoming a mother increased Claudia’s interest in AI applied to families and to children in particular, and she engaged in self-study and practice that led to the development of a workshop program addressing the most important change moments in a family’s life.

The combination of experience and belief in Appreciative Inquiry and Claudia’s change agent nature, motivated her to develop a Holistic Appreciative Inquiry Program suitable to individuals, families, groups and organizations, and to create the HandinHAIP consulting services.

Claudia is also a mentor of VentureBuff, an online platform where Entrepreneurs can collaborate, exchange and grow value founded by her husband. Additionally to Appreciative Inquiry workshop facilitation, Claudia sums more than 19 years of experience in Business Development, Strategic Planning, People and Program Management, Sales and Marketing, with country, sub-regional and regional scope. She has mentored women and young professional throughout her career. Claudia holds a degree in Business Management and followed the Building on Talent program at IMD business school.

Execution, maximization, communication, relationship building and fast learning are her strengths. She loves wine and gastronomy and writes the Happy Stomachs Make Great Leaders blog. Claudia is originally Portuguese and is married to a wonderful French man, and they have two young children. Embracing opportunities to live and work in international, multi-cultural and diverse environments, following 7 years living in Geneva, Switzerland, in 2014 Claudia and her family moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil.



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