Holistic Appreciative Inquiry Program

Workshops: Introductory and Thematic
Introductory Workshop to a Holistic Appreciative Inquiry Program
•Join an insightful discovery of Appreciative Inquiry methodology
•Identify the benefits of applying AI in your current environment
•Learn how you can achieve your personal, family and/or organization goals through HandinHAIP
•FREE 1-hour workshop (contact HandinHAIP)
Thematic HandinHAIP Workshops
•Choose from numerous focus themes that address the most common challenges and opportunities experienced by individuals, families, groups and organizations
•Consult Personal, Family and Organization sections to see all standard themes and the customization option
•Benefit from an effective and proven process, and have FUN with it
•Join pragmatic workshops in a group or individual format (contact HandinHAIP)
Follow-up Sessions: Celebration and Learning, Best Practice and Results Sharing
•Participating in a thematic HandinHAIP workshop should not the end of the process to ensure the desired change is achieved and sustainable overtime
•When the actions planned in the Appreciative Inquiry “Destiny” phase start to to be implemented, unpredicted events and obstacles may arise. Thus, how can we ensure a successful and sustainable transformation and achievement of the objectives defined through the AI process?
•Following the implementation of the actions decided in a HandinHAIP workshop it is important to assess the results, celebrate and understand the success factors to be repeated
•Join the HandinHAIP individual and/or group follow-up sessions, celebrate success and benefit from learning, best practices (do’s and don’ts) and results being shared openly and on confidentiality basis
•Contact HandinHAIP for  more information
Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator Training
•Are you interested in driving change and supporting others with their transformational process?
•Are you a strong believer in Appreciative Inquiry methodology and its power to drive positive and sustainable change?
•Are you comfortable with workshop facilitation with groups or individuals?
•Join the Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator Training – Fundamentals and Advanced courses delivered by experienced, highly qualified AI practitioners and followers of David Cooperrider
•Start practicing AI systematically in your life. It can offer you new career possibilities and you can get plenty of satisfaction and fun by helping others using this powerful methodology
•Contact HandinHAIP for  more information

“You should be the change you want to see.” – Mahatma Gandhi


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